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Spider Vein Removal


 Spider Vein Removal Pictures 

Laser vein therapy
Spider and varicose vein treatment is relatively easy  with today's medical laser technology. It a non-surgical and noninvasive way to treat these unsightly red, blue or purple spider veins on patient's face or legs. The vein is exposed to the laser light which absorbs it is energy causing selective damage to it and sparing the surrounding healthy tissue. The body later absorbs the damaged vein.

After the Treatment
After the treatment you will experience a sunburn like feeling that may last for a few hours. No restriction in daily routine is need with the exception that you should restrain from strenuous exercises. Normal activities are encouraged. you might be required to wear compression stockings. You should also avoid taking hot bath and aspirin for the next 10 days. Bruises might be noted for the first one to two weeks. Brownish pigmentation might be noted where some of the large veins used to exist. This will resolve on its own with time if it were to develop.

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What are the treatments like?
A beam of laser light target the vein. It shines through the skin but does not break through the surface of the skin, therefore, there is no bleeding. The blood vessel gets selectively damaged while sparing the adjacent healthy tissue. The body later absorbs the damaged vein over the next few weeks. Most veins will respond within two treatments. Bigger veins may require more number of treatments.

What other treatments are available?
Laser vein therapy may be combined with Injection Sclerotherapy. A combined treatment might be what your doctor advise for some of the larger veins.

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