Lip Enhancement


Lips Enhancement with Hyaluronic Acid (H-A) And Collagen?
H-A is natural to our skin and it exists in higher concentration when we are younger. Level falls down as we get older and due to sun damage. It can be injected into the human skin to repair defects. Collagen fibers can be derived from Bovine( cow) collagen. However Collagen Injection is loosing ground to H. A. since it not as lasting as long due to  the advancement of H-A preparations.

How Long Does a H-A Filler Treatment Last?
There are many forms of Hyaluronic Acids available to us nowadays under different brand names. They differ in how concentrated they are and how the molecules are crossed linked. These two variable seem to predetermine for the most part how long they last. The range falls between a few months and 18 months.

What Fillers Are Available Nowadays?
Restylane®,  Restylane Lyps®,  Juvederm®, Juvederm VOLUMA®,  Belotero® ) are some of  fillers that are popular on the market. These are only some of the fillers that are available. There are other fillers being developed everyday.  During your consultation you will discuss with Dr. Mamari what filler is best suited for you.

How Many Treatments Are Required?
Typically one treatment is all that you need. A touch up treatment maybe  needed needed in 4 weeks. Thereafter a repeat treatment is needed every 9 to 12 months.

How Much Does Filler Treatment Cost? Cost varies is based on the amount of the filler and the type  that is used. It ranges from $400 to $700 per tube.   During your consultation this will be discussed with you. You and the doctor will decide on the best filler that is suited for you. We will also discuss different affordable payment plans or 0% financing option.

Is The Treatment Painful?
Your doctor will inject H/A with fine needle. Dr. Mamari will discuss the option of mixing the filler with numbing agent. Most patients have found these injections very tolerable.

What Will I Look Like Right After Treatment?
Most patients the improvement in appearance is immediate. . If you have a history of bruising, a bruise may result. Concealer or Make-up usually is allowed the next morning in case of bruising. Your physician will discuss other potential side effects with you during your consultation.

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