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Resurfacing Laser Line Wrinkle


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Our Skin When we were born we had soft skin. However as we age, our perfect skin undergo the teenage challenges of acne scars and possible chicken pox. With time gravity and the aging process start to take over.  We develop lines and wrinkles that we wish that we can take a magic wand and make them disappear. This magic wand was created with the invention of skin laser treatment 

Skin Laser Treatment  Laser treatment is easily able to minimize fine line and wrinkles. Nowadays there are many options that are available to our patients. Cool Skin Laser, CO2 Laser, Fraxel Laser, DOT Laser, Thermage, Exilis, VelaShape are only a few options that our patients have at their disposal at our practice. The laser uses a beam a beam of light that target only the selected troubled area. During your consultation with Dr. Mamari, you and him will choose what is most suited for your needs to achieve the best outcome.

Laser Treatment is Fast, Easy, Gentle and Affordable. Depends on the treatment that you chose, recovery time can vary from 1-2 days to a 5-7 days. These options are discussed during your consultation with Dr. Mamari. Each laser is capable of resolving problems at different skin depth. Recovery time is fast. The treatment is very gentle and affordable. Some of these treatments can be completed right after consultation. The Lunch-Time Procedure expression was coined because of how fast, easy and gentle these newer advanced laser are. In many cases there are no downtime after the treatment and  make up is allowed the very next day while you resume your daily routine. The benefits and the results of these treatment can last many years afterwards based on the procedure that you will have. However the aging process is not stopped with these treatments but you can repeat these laser treatments in the future to slow and reverse the aging process.

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