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Weight Loss


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Any successful Weight Loss Program has to take into account THREE important factors

  • Diet and Calorie Count
  • Exercise and Daily Calories burn
  • Measure to Increase Basic Metabolism and Muscle Mass.

Keeping the above in mind here at the Cosmetic Laser INSTITUTE we help plan a FULL ROUNDED MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM

You and the Doctor will discuss in details the above three points and then we to tailor a program just best suited for you based on Medical Test Results and your Goals

1- B12 Injections. B12 Vitamin helps your body burn fat and carbohydrates and generate energy and new protein. It is needed for normal blood, nerves and cells. Therefore B12 deficiency can result in anemia and nerve damage as well as weight gain.
This vitamin is given by injection under the skin into a muscle as directed by your doctor.
Dosage is based on your medical condition. Injections can be given Weekly, Biweekly or Monthly when you first start treatment. Usually in time treatment is tapered where injection are given Monthly.

2- Appetite Suppressant Pills: There are different type of prescription medications that are available on the market today. After your medical evaluation your doctor will see what is best suited for you to start you on.

3- Metabolic Pills. These tend to increase your metabolism and allow a natural way for your body to burn more mid-body fat.

4- Fat-Storage Reduction Pills. These prescription pills tend to signal the body to store more of the excess carbohydrate in the muscles as opposed to storing it as fat in the Adipose Tissues. Your doctor based on you total body weight, BMI and eating habits will decide if these pills are suited for you.

5-Mesotherapy can also help with weight loss and targeted fat reduction. It is very effective in contouring and optimizing lean body appearance. Click here to see how MesoTherapy can help you with localized Fat Loss cellulite, hair loss, wrinkles and skin laxity. .

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