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Kybella®, Double Chin Treatment

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Kybella® is a naturally occurring acid once it is injected into the fatty layer of the skin it breaks down the cells that store the fat. This will minimize the appearance of Double Chin.

The Results are occur because of the loss of some of the cells that stores fat.

The Treatment takes less than 15 minutes and no there is no True Downtime after the treatment. You will have swelling that resolve in a few days. Otherwise you can continue with your Daily Plans.

Swelling following the treatment resolves in a few days.

It may take anywhere between One to Four Treatments based on a few variable including how much fat there is in the treated area.

Results are evident in 3-4 weeks and fully seen in 6 weeks after last treatment. Results may vary based on the individual.

In addition to loss of fat, results help improve self image and esteem by improving the contour of the face.

Comparison between Kybella® and Surgery for Double Chin

  • Kybella® is minimally invasive treatment and can replaces invasive surgery to treat Double Chin.
  • With Kybella® No reason to worry about the potential complication associated with Surgery.
  • Kybella® is less Expensive than surgery to administer .
  • No Downtime is needed with Kybella as opposed to taking time off after a surgical procedure and Liposuction.

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